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“While on a family vacation in 2010, we sensed a call into mission work. We didn’t know exactly where that calling would take us, but as soon as we returned home, we consulted church leadership and sought opportunities to prepare for service in international missions.”

Peter and Amber Norris took their first trip to Cambodia in 2015. While there, they were broken by the hardships they witnessed. At first, Peter was ready to never come home, but Amber needed a bit more convincing. The family took several more short-term trips to Cambodia, including one with their two children, which allowed them to experience the culture that would be their home for several years.

In 2020, despite COVID-19 restrictions and challenges, the Norris family finally arrived in Cambodia, where they serve with World Team, study the local language and culture, and hope to soon begin work with Roots of Grace after fulfilling their language course requirements.

As the Norris Family settles into this new way of life, they have asked that we as a church pray for the following:

  • “Cambodia made it through a full year of the global pandemic with less than 500 cases of COVID-19, but since February 2021, the nation has jumped to more than 12,000 cases, most in the area we live. The government has marked off ‘Red Zones’ in areas with the highest rates of spread, causing many to be trapped at home and unable to work or buy food. People are starving and at high risk of getting sick. Pray for protection over these Red Zones and for the Cambodian government to be wise and discerning in their handling of the pandemic now that it is here in full force.”
  • “Endurance for our family. While we aren’t in the Red Zones, we are still in lockdown status. It’s a difficult time as we navigate independent language study with our language school being closed, and our children just really miss their friends and classmates.”

“Praise God we are healthy, able to buy food, and able to exercise outdoors. He is an amazing provider! We are so grateful for teammates and partners who send messages to check on us and for great neighbors who are encouraging and supportive.”