Let's Stop, Recognize, & Celebrate

When you give at Grace, you fund the ministry that God has placed before our church. With God's guidance, our Leadership, Elders, and staff work to steward funds responsibly.

General Fund & Causes

Throughout the year, you have the opportunity to fund not only specific causes, but also the general fund that keeps Grace Fellowship running financially. Here are some highlights from 2022...


When you give to theĀ General Fund, you make ministry happen. In 2022, $6.56 million was given. This money supported ministries throughout Grace Fellowship including:

  • the purchase and support of curriculum and supplies for Grace Kids, 678, HSM, The Commons (young adults), and Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies.
  • fulfillment of financial commitments to support Grace’s global and local partners
  • maintain, clean, update, and care for Grace’s multiple buildings
  • provide benevolence funds to our local communities (this includes covering funeral expenses for unexpected circumstances; gifting rent, utilities, groceries, and other financial support for those facing challenges; etc)
  • pay pastors and church staff


In 2022, you gave more than $633,773 to specific causes designated by Grace. This includes opportunities like:

  • Christmas Eve Offering – $80,010 (despite services being cancelled across our campuses due to weather)
  • Dollar Club – $159,078
  • Christmas in July – $75,000 (not including the 21,639 physical items donated)
  • Golf Outing in support of Lower Lights – $27,685
  • Student Camp/Conference Scholarship Fund – $35,000
  • Ukraine Relief – $73,000

Let's Celebrate!

Weekend Services

Every person who walks through Grace's doors has a name, and along with that name, a story. Each number that you see below represents that - a person and a story that found their way to Grace. We're so excited to celebrate each and every one!

Average Weekend Attendance

(this is an increase from 2021 when we saw an average of 2,453 people each weekend!)


(student & adult)

New Guests

(this is an increase from 2021 when we welcomed 2,495 guests!)


(we welcomed 236 NEW volunteers in 2022 across all campuses!)


At Grace, we strive to come alongside families and provide age-appropriate environments for our kids and students. We believe that our kids and students are part of the next generation, and so we work to create a space with these four considerations: relationships, age-appropriateness, creative Bible teaching, and fun!

Students in Groups

(students 6th-12th grades; that's nearly 20 MORE students in 2022 who engaged weekly groups!)

Student Camps Attendance

students 3rd-12th grades (that's 333 more students than 2021!)

The Commons

The Commons is a gathering of young adults (high school grads - 29 years old) at Grace Fellowship who seek to live Jesus-centered lives in their Young Adult years.

Small Group Attendance

200 (average weekly)

Summer Attendance

173 (average weekly summer sessions)


At Grace, it's important to come alongside people as they explore who Jesus is. Whether "new" or "old" in your faith, Grace has a place for you.

Adults in Groups

(in 2022, we had 155 more people participate in a group than in 2021!)

New Partners

(that means 862 people have said "yes" to taking an important step in owning their local church)

Message Series

In 2022, Grace taught through 15 different message series. Based upon your feedback, watches, and reviews, we identified the "Most Watched" and "Most Impactful."

Want to watch or re-watch your favorite message? Use the button below!

Most Watched Messages

#1 - Seven Churches of Revelation (Week 1)

#2 - Yeah, That's Not Christianity (Week 1)

#3 - Button Pushers (Week 1)

Most Impactful Series

#1 - Button Pushers

#2 - 7 Churches of Revelation

#3 - Recalibrate

Just for Fun

Songs Sung


Minutes Preached

(167 hours = 7 days)

Starbursts Distributed

(handed out at Grace Kids across all campuses)

Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.
Psalm 119:90