Kids Summer Camp (3rd-5th Grades)

June 10 - 12

JUNE 10-12

$160 per student
*Incoming 3rd, 4th, & 5th Graders
Camp Muskingum (Carrollton, OH)

Kids Camp is 3 days and 2 nights of awesome adventures including fun challenges, games, ropes course, zip line, camp t-shirt, swimming, boating, delicious food, devotions, lots of surprises, and the SUPER SATURDAY NIGHT EVENT!!!! This is really an amazing time of fun and friendships for the kids of our church!

Cost is $160 per student
(email if you are in financial need of a scholarship for camp)




Drop Off – Friday, June 10, at 8am
Students will travel by bus to Camp Muskingum in Carrollton, OH. Please arrive at the Pickerington Campus (1449 Refugee Rd) at 8am on Friday, June 10.

Pick Up – Sunday, June 12, at 3pm
Students should be picked up on Sunday, June 12, at 3pm at the Pickerington Campus (1449 Refugee Rd).


What to Bring:
Students will have to carry their own luggage to their dorm, so you may want to pack it all in one big suitcase with wheels to make it easier. Try to condense everything into one bag if possible.

  • sleeping bag (or twin sheets and blanket) and pillow
  • pajamas
  • toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • washcloth and towel
  • swimsuit and towel (girls, no bikinis – one piece or tank and bottoms)
  • clothes for two days (shorts, t-shirts, comfortable clothes)
  • 2 pair of shoes (a pair of sneakers is required, but they may want to bring flip flops, water shoes, etc.)
  • Bible and pen


  • water bottle, that is easy to fill and carry, labeled with your student’s name
  • sunscreen
  • optional snacks for your student – no peanut items, please.


  • NO MONEY (there is no place or need to purchase anything)
  • NO ELECTRONICS (cell phone, iPod, iPad, etc – there is very limited service at camp, and we do not want to lose an expensive item)

All medications should be in a ziploc bag labeled with your student’s name. Our camp nurse will collect all the medications at check-in and keep them for the weekend. She will dispense medications at the appropriate times to each child. If you have any special medical concerns or instructions, you can talk to her before we leave.