Wrapping Paper Blitz (Pickerington)

December 11 9:30 am  |  Meet at the Pickerington Campus

1449 Refugee Road, Pickerington, OH, USA

Each Christmas season, the Pickerington Campus joins together to uniquely invite members of our local community to one of our Christmas Eve services. It’s amazing how many people’s stories begin with, “I was invited to a Christmas service….” Will you help us pass out over 8,000 FREE rolls of wrapping paper??

On December 11 at 9:30am, we’ll set out from the Pickerington Campus loaded with rolls of wrapping paper with a Christmas Eve invite attached to each roll. Groups will hangout at a variety of locations designated around our local community to hand out FREE wrapping paper. To sign up to participate, click the button below:


*Be sure to wear your blue Grace shirt. Don’t have one? Grab one from reception or pick one up “day of.”

**All locations will be assigned “day of,” and additional instructions and information will be shared before groups set out.