Compelled by the love of Jesus and the desire to reach our world with the Gospel message, Grace Fellowship strives to make a global impact by strategically partnering with exceptional people and organizations that long to help people meet, follow, and share Jesus. We do this by going and serving international churches and ministries with both short- and long-term trips, giving generously, and praying without ceasing. We believe God makes it our individual and corporate responsibility as messengers of the Gospel to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people.

Due to COVID-19, short- and long-term trips have been suspended for the time being. Please join us in praying for our world as we face the crisis of this global pandemic.


Partner with Hannah on her journey to Cambodia

Three years ago I set foot on foreign soil in a country I didn't even know existed. It was uncomfortable and unfamiliar and so far away from home. But my God was moving- and there was nothing foreign about that.
I thought my first trip to Cambodia was "love at first sight," but over the last three years God has been at work on my heart and what I've grown to feel for this country is so much more than love- it is a burning fire fueled by Christ. A fire I simply cannot ignore. I never imagined I'd be planning and praying and preparing to move my entire life across the globe. He has asked. He is faithful. He has never failed me. I owe Him nothing less than gracious obedience.
I am in the final stages of preparing my move to Cambodia and I'd love nothing more than your support. Here are the ways you can partner with me on my journey:

  • Commit to praying for the Cambodian people, the work God has already started, and the role we each play in His plans for Cambodia!
  • Partner financially with me monthly by giving

To partner with Hannah, the "Give" button. Once on the new site, click the green Give button, click Give under Workers, and write Hannah's name in the destination box (make sure to hit "make this a recurring gift for monthly partnerships” if your donation will be ongoing).


Partner with Madison on her journey to Thailand

Madison is passionate about the opportunity to use her degree in graphic design in partnership with a coffee and consulting company headquartered in Asia. She is excited to use her skills and education in a cross-cultural context. In addition to her work in graphic design, she will be able to engage in authentic friendship within the workplace as she invests in relationships with local staff, customers, vendors and community members. She is looking forward to building bridges of friendship with the people of Asia and engaging in the culture in ways that will enable her to share the truth in authentic and natural ways.

Madison has been to Asia numerous times and has really connected well with the people, the culture, and even has a growing appreciation for the ever-present heat and dense humidity. Madison has a deep passion for Asia and she longs to see the truth make a deep and transformative impact in the hearts of the people there.


Partner with Amber & Peter Norris AND
Chris & Heidi Smith on their journey to Cambodia

It's not an option not to go...

In the Bible, God tells us that being a follower of Jesus means going wherever He leads. The Norris and Smith families are doing just that.

In answer to God's call, the families are selling their possessions, leaving successful careers, and turning their lives upside down in different ways to serve children and families who live on the streets of Battambang, Cambodia.

Chris Smith first heard God’s call to travel to Cambodia in 2009. A few years later in 2013, he and his wife, Heidi, took their first mission trip. While there, they were heartbroken by the poverty and devastation that greeted them. Children walked the streets alone with no shoes and tattered clothes. Chris and Heidi, along with the Grace Fellowship team members they traveled with, felt affirmed that God did not want this for the families of Cambodia. They were all compelled to take action, but the Smith’s heard this as God’s call to go.

Three years later, Amber and Peter Norris joined the Smiths on a mission trip, where they too saw the needs and felt called to serve the families of Cambodia.

In response to God’s call, the two families have left all that they know and moved across the world to minister to what culture has deemed “the least of these.”

The Norris family took their two small children (ages 10 and 5), who will have the unique opportunity to live, learn, and serve alongside their parents.

Chris and Heidi Smith, who just became empty-nesters, are leaving behind their grown sons and successful careers to answer God’s call.

For these two families, they feel that they cannot not go.

While in Cambodia, the team will coordinate transportation for children to school to receive an education. Each day, the team will work with the Cambodians to see to it that the children are picked up at their street location, bathed and fed breakfast, taken to school, picked up from school, and fed lunch. Following lunch, the team will help tutor the children and lead them through bible study before they are taken back home to their families.

The team will also work to engage the families through bible studies for women and men as well as provide opportunities for education and health care.

Chris and Heidi arrived safely in Cambodia in December 2018, have completed language schoool, and are working on growing their ministry. The Norris family arrived in Cambodia in October 2020 and will begin language school as they adjust to life and ministry within the community.

To partner with the team, click the button below and use the following account number(s):

To give to Peter & Amber Norris, use account #014116
To give to Chris & Heidi Smith, use account #014115

Partner with Merielle on her Journey to Thailand

In Matthew 28, God asks everyone who’s a follower of Jesus to, "Go and make disciples of all nations...." For some, that’s intentionally going to and having conversations with their coworker or neighbor. But for others, it means going to another side of the globe.

Merielle Crisan is answering God's call to step out in faith and be vulnerable. God has called Merielle to use her college degree in business and her passion for lost people to travel across the world and minister to the people of Thailand.

Even if you’re not being called to move to Thailand, you still have an impact to make. Merielle needs partners in this gospel mission. You can serve with Merielle in two very important ways: prayer partner and financial support partner. How can you partner with her?

You can learn more about Merielle's story by clicking here.



Begin to partner with us through prayer, learning about our Global Partners, and financially supporting our missions and missionaries.

P  r  a  y   •   L  e  a  r  n  •   G  i  v  e  •   G  o

*This video was filmed and edited by a group of volunteers from Grace Fellowship during their visit in May 2018.

Do you know where Kyrgyzstan is located on the globe? Did you know that some of the best cashmere fiber in the world comes from there? Once part of the Soviet Union’s thriving textile region, Kyrgyzstan lost its textile-producing infrastructure upon gaining its independence in 1991. June Cashmere was founded to stimulate economic development in Kyrgyzstan through its natural resource of cashmere.

Working directly with shepherd families in southern Kyrgyzstan to ethically and sustainably harvest cashmere, June Cashmere pays shepherd families fair market value for their cashmere. The fibers are then processed in Great Britain into fine knitting yarn before being shipped to Columbus, Ohio to be sold online and to knitting shops world-wide.

After just a few years in business, June Cashmere now has the unique opportunity to establish a cashmere processing facility in-country. The facility will provide jobs in the city, allow for expanded work with shepherds throughout all of Kyrgyzstan, and serve as a model for others to invest in Kyrgyzstan. 

Would you like to be part of June Cashmere’s efforts toward economic development in Kyrgyzstan? Click HERE to purchase a scarlet or gray 100% Kyrgyz cashmere scarf or click HERE to purchase a yarn kit. All proceeds go toward furthering June Cashmere’s work in Central Asia.