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Compelled by the love of Jesus and the desire to reach our world with the Gospel message, Grace Fellowship strives to make a global impact by strategically partnering with exceptional people and organizations that long to help people meet, follow, and share Jesus. We do this by going and serving international churches and ministries with both short- and long-term trips, giving generously, and praying without ceasing. We believe God makes it our individual and corporate responsibility as messengers of the Gospel to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people.

Begin to partner with us through prayer, learning about our Global Partners, and financially supporting our missions and missionaries.




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Merielle Crisan

Merielle Crisan

I first visited Southeast Asia in 2016 and was fortunate enough to make some connections with locals and other relational-minded people.... read more
Hannah Coe

Hannah Coe

Six years ago, I set foot on foreign soil in a country I didn't even know existed. It was uncomfortable and unfamiliar and so far away from... read more
Peter & Amber Norris

Peter & Amber Norris

While we were on a family vacation in 2010, we sensed a call into mission work. We didn't know exactly where that calling would take us,... read more
Chris & Heidi Smith

Chris & Heidi Smith

After Chris fell in love with Cambodia in 2009, we traveled to Cambodia in 2013. While there together, we were heartbroken by the poverty... read more
Madison Moore

Madison Moore

The first time I visited Southeast Asia in 2015, I fell in love. I had always had an interest in other cultures and foreign languages... read more

Overseas Partners

Disciple Making in North Central Africa

There are a variety of areas within Northern Central Africa where being a Christian is rough, and being a missionary is nearly impossible. Despite this dangerous reality, groups of Christians have been able to enter these communities, along with their families, and begin adapting and making disciples. They've worked hard to learn the language and culture, establish relief projects, and become co-laborers within the communities. Given these realities, please pray for these teams and groups, for their faith and endurance, and for the communities in which they're serving and reaching.



BrightStart Learning, Inc.'s mission is to provide disadvantaged students in developing countries with educational opportunities and assistance to help them reach their full potential as productive adults and leaders. BrightStart's board of directors are devout Christians with firsthand mission experience in Cambodia. Their core values are to honor God in the lives of the people they serve, their staff and relationships with sponsors and partners; equipping and changing lives; and partnering with like-minded organizations. BrightStart provides educational opportunities and assistance to over 500 children and young adults in the province of Battambang, Cambodia and the capital city of Phnom Penh. Their vision is "Brighter futures start today," recognizing it is never too late to point lives in the right direction. Through education, BrightStart strives to break the cycle of poverty in Cambodia by equipping people with hope, morality, and wisdom for a brighter future.


Matt and Jen Daniels represent our only ongoing touch in Japan, the worlds 2nd most unreached country. Because of the unique opportunity of this pandemic, Matt and Jen have the chance to connect with people all throughout Japan through their online ministry during COVID. Their team has spent the last few months developing a 7 part curriculum specific to communicating different aspects of Christianity to a Japanese person who has never heard it before. Some of the topics are about Creation, Eternity, or Sin and all are written in a way that is taking Japanese culture into consideration so they can more effectively connect with their hearts. The Daniels' are working on getting these lessons translated into Japanese and will start promoting this Zoom class in the next month or so.


Design Outreach (DO), headquartered right here in Columbus, OH, engineers life-sustaining appropriate technology solutions to help alleviate global poverty. DO has been working to help solve the world’s water crisis in developing countries by inventing the LifePump, a new hand pump technology that is able to reach year-round aquifers, last years between maintenance, and be monitored with a satellite based remote sensor. The first permanent LifePump, installed in Malawi, has been providing safe water since 2013, and the community has been transformed. DO serves around the world in Haiti, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, South Sudan, CAR, Zimbabwe and Guatemala. DO desires to serve the millions of people in our world today whose basic needs are not being met. Tools such as the LifePump aid our missionary partners in building trust with community members to share the Gospel. We love because Christ first loved us, and it is this love that motivates our work.


SEEDNet is a church planting movement planting churches in spiritually, emotionally, economically, and developmentally oppressed areas. Through the Gospel of Jesus, we give hope to Spiritually, Emotionally, Economically, and Developmentally oppressed people. This type of ministry can be scary and feels risky to some people who want to help, so SEEDNet builds the bridge between you and those who desperately need hope and your help. By helping us give them a church of their own, you are helping give discipleship opportunities, a place for vital needs to be met, and a hub for personal growth and development over a lifetime. By partnering with us to plant churches, you are having an impact on future generations for Christ.

Momentum Urban Centers

Momentum Urban Centers have been training followers of Jesus in effective hands-on evangelism for over 20 years with locations in Philadelphia and Los Angeles! Momentum Ministry Partners offers unique life-on-life training sessions on how to start conversations, how to tell your story, and how to share your faith in simple and life giving ways. They also provide practical, easy-to-use evangelism tools that make engaging with others simple. Their field experiences make our time together practical and profitable by immediately putting the lessons learned through the training sessions into practice!

Hands-on Ministry Field Experiences
Here's the wide variety of "in-the-field" ministry you will experience at Urban Centers:

  • Ministering to the homeless
  • Participating in park and beach ministries
  • Food distribution to families in need
  • Children’s ministries
  • Other peer-to-peer ministry opportunities



International Friendships, Inc (IFI) is a community organization that works in partnership with universities and Christian volunteers to promote friendship and hospitality for international students, scholars and family members. To learn more about IFI and virtual and other opportunities for you and your small group to serve, please visit: columbus. 


*Due to COVID-19, short-term trips have been suspended for the time being. Please join us in praying for our world as we face the crisis of this global pandemic. For more information about short-term trips, please contact us at