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Alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, words/speech. We recognize that the topics and content of this message series can be heavy or challenging. If you or someone you care about wants help surrounding these topics, we'd love to come alongside you and resource you to the best of our abilities.

Each week throughout the series, we'll provide resources specific to the topic at hand. We hope that these resources offer a next step for whatever you're seeking help with.

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Our ministry team is here to help you by providing a caring, gospel-centered approach to counseling. We do not provide licensed, professional counseling, but we will refer to a pre-approved professional as needed.

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Recommended Professional Counselors

Click the button to see a list of recommended counselors in the Central Ohio area.

Local Organizations Specific to Alcohol & Drugs

The Refuge

Helping Men Break Free from Drug Addiction

The Refuge is the largest free Christian-based drug rehab and inpatient drug rehab ministry in Ohio for men struggling with drug addiction.


Jacob's House Recovery Center

Engaging addicts, families, and communities to educate, restore, and empower them.

Jacob’s House Recovery Center helps men and women find and keep sustained sobriety to have a life that is filled with love, compassion, and true happiness.


Tyler's Light

Speak up | Save a life

Tyler’s Light equips our communities and nation with information and resources to help people choose a drug-free life.


Lower Lights Christian Health Center

Behavioral Health | Psychiatric Care, Counseling, and MAT Services

When you choose Lower Lights for your behavioral health needs, you are choosing a trusted team concerned about your mental, spiritual, and physical health.


Are you Struggling with Sex or Porn?

180 Ministries

Christian accountability group around sexual addiction or pornography struggles.


XXX Church

Online resources, support, and community for those struggling with porn and sexual integrity.


Books, Articles, & Podcasts

Every Man’s Battle
by Fred Stoeker (book) | CLICK HERE

Coming Clean: Breaking Pornography’s Hold on You
by David Powlison (booklet) | CLICK HERE
*Booklet can be found on counseling websites outside of Amazon

Your Husband Is Addicted to Porn: Healing After Betrayal
by Vicki Tiede (book)| CLICK HERE

How to Fight Addiction in a Pornographic Culture
by Voddie Baucham (article) | CLICK HERE

Is It Sinful to Watch Porn With My Spouse?
with John Piper (podcast/Youtube) | CLICK HERE

Recommended Resources Surrounding our Words


The Gospel Coalition – God’s Word and Our Words | CLICK HERE

Learning to Let Go of Hurtful Words | CLICK HERE


Our Choice of Words | CLICK HERE
Christian Devotion about choosing our words wisely and being careful of the words we speak.