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GRACE KIDS & Student Environments

At Grace, we strive to come alongside families and provide age-appropriate environments for our kids and students. We believe that our kids and students are part of the next generation, and so we strive to create a space with these four considerations:


Our desire is for every child to experience a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We also value the relationships children form with leaders and other children in small group settings. We encourage your family to commit to attending the same service week after week so your child can be part of a group of familiar faces and grow in relationship with Jesus and other small group children.

Age Appropriateness

At Grace Fellowship, we are passionate about helping children learn about Jesus in ways they understand. The GRACE KIDS environments we create and the lesson materials we develop are based on the physical, mental, and emotional needs of each age group. For additional information about each of our environments, scroll below or select your campus!

Creative Bible Teaching

The Bible is the most amazing book ever written! We strive to bring its stories to life through activities and discussions that keep children engaged. Our hope is that every child who comes to the weekend service will begin to love God’s Word and understand the value of applying it in everyday life.


Kids love fun! (And so do we!) We know that when children have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back. We are committed to creating fun ways for children to learn about Jesus so they want to come back again…and again…and again!


Your child/student’s safety is a priority for Grace. It is our priority to provide safe, engaging environments where your child/student has the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Baby Dedications

Baby dedication is an opportunity for new parents to commit to focusing on the thing that will most affect your child’s future. It’s about making a commitment to put God first in your home and to trust in Him as your source of direction as you parent and lead your family. It is also a time to share what is most important in your life with family and friends, and to ask for their prayers and support as your raise your child.

Babies up to 3 years old


Babies and toddlers are in a constant state of wonder that allows them to learn about God’s love through the people in their lives and the world in which we live. GRACE KIDS provides a soft, colorful environment, staffed with caring adult volunteers who communicate and display God’s love to every child.

3- to 5-year-olds


Preschoolers find fun and adventure around every corner, and that is exactly what they’ll experience. With the help of dedicated volunteers, little ones will learn about God through activity stations, small groups, interactive worship, and Bible teaching.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Grace KIDS

School-age children have the biggest imaginations! The Grace KIDS space captures their creativity so they can learn about God in an interactive way. Through activity stations, small group lessons, worship, and creative Bible teaching, children will learn to jump into God’s word so they can begin living out their faith at home, school and wherever life takes them.

Special Needs Buddies

Every child matters to God, so every child matters to us. If your child has special needs, we welcome your family with open arms. Trained volunteers will lovingly serve and meet your child on his or her level to teach and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Parent Resources



Helping Today’s Anxiety-Filled Kids – click here


Anxious About Nothing – by Max Lucado

Big Feelings, Bigger God: Discovering God’s Care in Good Times & Bad – by Michele Howe

Bible Study

Fear Not: A Bible Study on Quieting Fear & Anxiety with God’s Truth – click here


Family Life Today: Parenting Kids with Anxiety – click here



Kids and Cyber Bullying – click here

Empowering Your Child to Deal with Bullies – click here


What God’s Word Says about Bullying: The Bible Promise Book for Kids – by Janice Thompson


How to Help Your Children with Friendships – click here


Truth in Love: Parental Responses to Bullying – click here

Hard Conversations


Tough Conversations with ou Kids – click here

How to Have Difficult Conversations – click here


Famous at Home with Dr.Josh + Christi: Having Conversations With Your
Kids About Difficult Cultural Issues – click here


6 Secrets For Staying Patient & Calm When Your Children Are
Misbehaving – click here

Bible Study

Christ-Centered Parenting – Bible Study Book: Gospel Conversations on
Complex Cultural Issues – click here


Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Questions: Helping Them Understand Loss, Sin, Tragedies, and Other Hard Topics – by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson

Sexuality / Body


Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Approach to Prepare Them for Life – by Jim Burns

God Made All of Me: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Children Protect Their
Bodies – by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb

The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality – by Luke Gilkerson

Conversation Guide

Sexual Integrity – click here


6 Tips for Moms on Protecting Kids from Pornography – click here


Focus on Parenting Podcast: God’s Good Design for Sex – click here

Evangelism / Sharing Faith


Leading Your Child to Christ – click here

Bible Study

I Have Decided: A Bible Study on Exercising Your Faith – click here


Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith – by Natasha Crain


Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast: Evangelism Opportunities for
Kids – click here

Raising Mission-Minded Kids – click here

Conflict / Resolution


The Young Peacemaker: Teaching Students to Respond to Conflict in God’s Way – by Corlette Sande


10 Tips For Intentional Character Training – click here


YOUNG: Conflict Resolution: Parents & Children – click here

Focus on Parenting Podcast: Thoughts for Handling Conflict – click here


Focus on the Family: Conflict Resolution Skills for Kids – click here



For the Love of Discipline: When the Gospel Meets Tantrums and Time-
Outs – by Sara Wallace

Child Proof: Parenting by Faith Not Formula – by Julie Lowe


Grace In Discipline – click here


Five Characteristics of Biblical Discipline – click here


How to Discipline Children with Love: Tips for Christian Parents – click here

Other Resources


  • Pardon the Mess with Courtney Defeo
  • Courageous Parenting with Isaac and Angie Toplin
  • Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast


  • The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman
  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
  • Parenting by Paul David Tripp
  • Boundaries with Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud
  • Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch
  • Fearless Parenting by Sarah Blount


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