Wrapping Paper Blitz

We're excited to spread some holiday cheer (and free wrapping paper)!

Join us for the annual Wrapping Paper Blitz, where we distribute FREE wrapping paper to our local communities. Help us spread some Christmas cheer this season. Everyone could use a smile and a free roll of wrapping paper.

Choose your campus below for volunteer opportunities & sign ups:

The Chapel

The Chapel's Christmas Wrapping Paper Blitz is coming up soon! Sign up to help prepare rolls the week prior to the blitz or distribute wrapping paper and invites to our neighbors. Be prepared for the weather if you're taking part in the Blitz, as you will be walking and dropping these items off door to door!

Wrapping Paper & Invite Prep

Sunday, December 4 (following service)
12:00pm – 12:45pm

Help prepare wrapping paper rolls and Christmas service invites so they can be handed out the following weekend. We hope to handout 1,000 rolls for this year’s Wrapping Paper Blitz!


Wrapping Paper & Invite Handout

Saturday, December 10
10:00am – 12:00pm

Arrive at The Chapel to receive your designated amount of wrapping paper rolls and Christmas invitations to distribute. We’ll walk the neighborhood and leave these on the doorstep of each house! Please remember to take the time to pray for the neighborhoods you are walking through!



Help us distribute 8,000 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper to our neighbors this holiday season! We need help both prepping the wrapping paper AND distributing it.

Wrapping Paper Prep Night

Friday, December 9
6pm, Pickerington Campus

Help make Wrapping Paper Blitz a success! All 7,000 rolls of wrapping paper need prepped and made ready for delivery the next morning. We will be attaching Grace Stickers to each roll and packaging them up so that families can make deliveries the next morning.


Wrapping Paper Blitz

Saturday, December 10
10am, Pickerington Campus

This year we will bless our neighbors with over 7,000 rolls of wrapping paper. Meet at the Pickerington Campus and grab a sweet treat on your way in!