It's amazing to hear stories about people who are impacted during a weekend service at one of Grace's campuses.

Weekend Services

Every person who walks through Grace's doors has a name, and along with that name, a story. Each number that you see below represents that - a person and a story that found their way to Grace. We're so excited to celebrate each and every one!

Average Weekend Attendance



(students & adults)

New Guests



(250 new in 2021)

Meet Katie

“He heard my prayer, and I’m forever changed by His endless love and grace.”

During 2020, I was faced with many difficult situations, but that’s also when Jesus came into my life. I lost my job during COVID, I had a strained relationship with my father, and I had…


Once you're ready, we also want to come alongside you as you take next steps in your faith journey. Everything we do at Grace flows from one main idea: helping people live Jesus-centered lives


At Grace, we strive to come alongside families and provide age-appropriate environments for our kids and students. We believe that our kids and students are part of the NEXT generation, and so we work to create a space with these four considerations: relationships, age-appropriateness, creative Bible teaching, and fun!

Students in Groups

(Students 6th-12th Grades)

Student Camps Attendance

(Students 3rd-12th Grades)

Student Baptisms

(Students K-12th Grade)

Meet Zach

“My whole life I was looking for somewhere to fit. I looked every single direction and place. I searched for it in Satanism, the wrong friends, seeking validation from others.”

I grew up with my Mom and my grandma. My whole life I was looking for somewhere to fit. I looked every single direction and…


At Grace, it's important to come alongside people as they explore who Jesus is. Whether "new" or "old" in your faith, Grace has a place for you.

Adults Participating in Groups


New Partners


Adult Baptisms


Meet Tawny

I am still learning and loving Jesus more each day, through each service, through each conversation, and through each Grace Group…. I knew Jesus must be pretty important, but I didn’t realize just how important.”

I live next door to the Pickerington Campus, but I had never gone out of my comfort zone to attend a new church. I was scared! I was nervous! I thought…


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Whether by word, deed, or financial giving we want to be a church marked by radical generosity because, ultimately, that's what God commands His believers to do.

Your giving provided the following...

Throughout 2021

A total of $675,677 was given away locally and globally in 2021. Some of these projects include:

Christmas Eve Offering


Dollar Club


Global Partners & Disaster Response




Stimulus Giving

(Supported local families affected by COVID)

Christmas in July

(Funded multiple projects throughout Columbus, OH)

Golf Outing

(In support of Lower Lights)

Meet Hayley & Ryan

“I have seen God’s faithfulness in my story because He got me through the days where I didn’t see a way out.” – Hayley

“I’ve always kind of known about Jesus, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that I began to really form a relationship with Him.” – Ryan

I am so thankful to call this my church home, thanks to my cousin who never gave up asking to me come here.

My faith has always been a rollercoaster even though…

Outside the Budget Lines

In light of the ongoing generosity of Grace Fellowship, leadership has made it a habit to look for ways to give OUTSIDE of Grace's budget lines. This year we gave...

Supporting the Mission & Mobilization of Other Churches in our Tribe


“Thank you Grace Fellowship! It’s incredible how your church supports OTHER churches within our tribe.”

Local Community Partners


Each campus was given $15,000 to spend on needs in their local community. As a result, here’s what you allowed Grace to do:

  • Jefferson Campus – Paid past due utility bills for families in need in their local community. They also resourced a local food pantry with new computers.
  • The Chapel – Paid  for unexpected automotive repairs at a variety of service shops around Pickerington.
  • Pickerington Campus – Paid for passengers to ride Lancaster-Fairfield Public Transit from January 10 through February 28.
  • Upper Arlington Campus – Divided their funds between Local Partner Star House, youth advocacy services, community student camps, and a local ministry teaching the Bible to kids.

“I have been with the Pataskala Utility Department for 17 years now, and I have never seen anything as generous as what your church did. These customers have had their lives improved because of it. When Danielle begins to tell a customer that their past due balance was taken care of, a huge smile comes across her face! Tears of joy have been shed on both sides of our payment window as well as the phone.”

“We had a family who lost a very young child. The fallout from that tragedy eventually led to them falling behind on their bill. That bill was caught up on by the church’s generosity.”

“…Much appreciation to Grace Fellowship for their support of our communities.”

Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.
Psalm 119:90

Just for Fun

Have you ever wondered how much is consumed?

Gallons of Coffee

2,000 Regular
350 Decaf

Grace Pens Used

More than 9,000

Goldfish Consumed in NEXT Jr