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Stories of life change, growth, and community.

Laura's Story

Alone and in a new place Laura sought community. What she found was a friendship that inspired her create community for others.

The Featherstone's Story

Growing up without good examples of relationships the Featherstones struggled in their marriage. With God they were able to heal their hearts and their relationship. 

The Eberhard's Story

Facing the diagnosis of cancer for one of their children the Eberhards have learned to trust God and find hope during the uncertainty. 

Seth's Story

Seth and his wife anxiously joined a group, unsure what to expect or if they would fit in. What they found was community, accountability, friends, and so much more. 

Colleen's Story

While struggling with her mental health Colleen felt alone and isolated. During this time of isolation, Jesus spoke through her friends who helped her heal and led her back to Him.

Kevin's Story

After suffering the loss of his son, divorce, and other family struggles Kevin was in the darkest times of his life. Allowing himself to be vulnerable he asked for help, and the help he received made all the difference. 

Luke's Story

A difficult situation gave Luke the opportunity to partner with his neighbors in a unique way. 

Noah's Story

Noah was raised in a christian home and knew about God, but felt he was living a double life. Then a week at camp changed everything.

The Friddle's Story

The Friddle family had all they could ask for, but something was still missing. Then an invite to Easter Services came at just the right time.


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