Noah's Story
Noah's Story

I was raised inside the church ever since I can remember. My mother was a constant churchgoer and was there any time she possibly could be. As a result, she wanted me to hold to those same beliefs and values, so she frequently told me bedtime stories from the Bible. It was one of those nights that she discussed with me what it meant to be saved, and how that was the “big deal” about Christianity. Being excited as a kid and wanting to please her I said I too wanted to be saved. By the end of that night, she took my 9-year-old word for it and believed that had happened for me personally. The only problem was, I had no idea what it meant to be saved! I began to live what felt like two completely separate lives. I acted a certain way at church on Sunday’s and completely opposite the rest of the week.

It wasn’t until a friend’s invite to the momentum youth conference that I finally understood the gospel. I remember hearing so many sermons in my life, but none of them clicking until that night at momentum. The speaker chose to talk about what it meant to be a follower of Jesus and not just a fan of Jesus. This was the first time in my life that I felt like I could finally drop the act I had been living. I learned that Christianity was not just a followed religion, but a relationship with a person. That person was Jesus Christ. It hit me hard and I began to cry as he asked if anyone had accepted Jesus for the first time. Despite my classmates and everyone else already thinking I was Christian, I knew I wasn’t, and felt the need to follow his call. I stood up. From that moment on my life changed. I started living a singular life with Jesus every day. I was reading his word and talking to him through prayer. It was actually real. Here’s the craziest thing, I didn’t fully understand how I was living a false life until I actually encountered the person who offered the real abundant one. I’m forever grateful that God met me right where I was and I can’t wait to use what he’s shown me to change the lives of others.


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